Name/Description Price Quantity
Sleep It Off Mask: Natural Retinol Alternative Mask

Anti-aging Retinol alternative nighttime treatment mask. Contains Vitamin B, Amino acids, Blue green algae, Orange and Ginger extracts. All skin types. 3.5oz

Live + Be Well: Probiotic + Pink Himalayan Salt Mask

Reduce the appearance of inflammation and redness, improve appearance of fine lines and prevent breakouts with moisturizing, detoxifying, probiotic mask. All skin types. 1.7oz

Daily Fruit: Antioxidant Moisturizing Mango Mask

Help restore aging skin with this rich and cramy mask. Enhanced with pentapeptides and antioxidantes designed for dry or mature skin. 1.7oz

Feel Better: Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cream

This skin balancing moisturizing cream delivers total hydration while helpingstimulate new cell growth. For dry or mature skin. 1.7oz

Nourish Your Skin: 100% Squalane Moisturizing Oil

Quick absorbing squalane oil penetrates to promote healing, hydration and antioxidant protection. Recommended for dry skin. 1oz

Easy On The Eyes: Smoothing Cream

Smoothing cream helps improve wrinkles, puffiness and texture while provideing protection against UV damage.Active complex of soy and rice peptides, yeast protein and HA. All skin types. .5oz

Let There Be Light: Powerful lightening serum

Non hydroquinone skin brightening serum with natural extracts and HA, to even out pigmentation, reduce redness and provide hydration. For hyperpigmented, dull skin. 1oz

Brighten It: 10% Lactic Acid Solution

Gently break up pre-existing discolored skin cells while slowing and prohibiting the production of melanin and age spots. For discolored, dull or rough textured skin. 2oz

Clearzit: Spot Blemish Control

Spot treatment designed to treat unexpected blemishes. Combines Salicylic and glycolic acid with Wich hazel, menthol and camphor. For all skin types 5ml

Cleanse Daily: Vitamin Infused Cleanser

Renew and refresh your skin, infused with conditioning olive oil, rosehip seed oil and seaweed. For all skin types. 6oz

Take it off: Gentle Makeup Remover

Unique combination of soothing extracts to remove makeup without causing irritation. For all skin types. 2oz

Sheer Defense Oil Free SPF50 Tinted

Oil free sheer sunscreen is formultaed with 14.5% micronized Zinc Oxide offering broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection in a multi taking sheer Tinted application. Ideal for acne prone skin. 2.2oz

Sheer Defense Oil Free SPF50

Oil free sheer sunscreen is formulated with 14.5% micronized Zinc Oxide offering broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection in a multi-tasking sheer application. Ideal for acne prone skin. 2.2oz (TX1200)

Daily Hydrate & Protect SPF50

Combining preferred concentration of niacinamide helps visibly brighten the skin with UVA/UVB protection. Soft, lightweight and calming formulation is ideal for daily use. Can be worn with or without makeup for healthy looking skin. 2.2oz (TX1202)

BB Cream Perfection Matte 30

This luxurious multi-tasking BB cream combines UVA/UVB protection with all day oil control, gently hydration and age-defying antioxidant benefits. Light reflecting universal tint easily blends with most skin tones to blur inperfections. All skin types. 1.9oz (TX1300)

Retinol Eye Cream Plus

All-Trans Retinol Eye Cream has been specifically formulated to contain a comprehensive system of Retino, epetides, and botanicals to protect highly sensitive skin. .5oz (TX848)

Vitamin C 20% Active Complex + Botanical Brighteners

20% Vitamin C Active Complex helps to brighten the complexion, support healthy collagen production and fight free radicals. This serum features a controlled time-released delivery system for non irritating, immediate and long term benefits. All skin types. 1oz (TX818)

Ultra Lite Moisture Dew Lotion

An elegant oil free lightweight aloe based facial moisturizer. Recommended for all skin types, including acne prone. 2oz (TX804)

Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream

This quickly absorbed hand cream works deep to protect, moisturize, relieve itchiness and sooth dry and chapped hands. Contains hydrators that fortify skin’s natural moisture barrier for long lasting comfort. An exclusive blend of ingredients designed for hydration and comfort. 4oz (TX302)

Ultra Hydrating Serum

Pure, ultra hydrating serum fractioned with Hyaluronic Acid for enhanced penetration, quenches dehydrated skin for a supple, smooth complexion. Visibly reduces signs of aging with a nourishing blend of antioxidants and humectants. Skin apprears brighter and rejuvenated. 1oz (TX896)

Trifusion Body Lotion

This green tea antioxidant moisturizing lotion is designed to deliver smoother , softer skin. Includes Polyphenols and caffeine to minimize free radical skin damage. Ceremide 2 assists with maintainging barrier function and HA helps to minimize moisture loss. For dry skin. 6.7oz (TX868)

Retinol Body Lotion

This lotion helps to lift and tighten the skin. All-trans-Retinol encourages cell turnover and a collagen-righ appearance. Powerful antioxidants, green tea polyphenols, Resvertrol and caffeine help smooth appearance of cellulite and fine line and wrinkles. HA and ceremides moisturize and plump skin. 7oz (TX880)

Nightly Restorative Moisturizer

This moisture boosting cream, fortified with ceremides, peptides and antioxidants including Green Tea Polyphenols, Resveratrol and Caffeine help to smotth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. HA and ceremides moisturize and plump skin. 2oz (TX895)


This hydrating neck cream helps to firm and rejuvenate skin. The proprietary formula of ceremides and peptides couples with botanical extracts and Niacinamide (Vit B3) leaves skin feeling smoother and tighter. Ideal for mature skin. 1.7oz (TX873)

Liposomal Fortified Cream

Ideal for dry skinwhich requires a heavier but elegant moisturizer. Contains Vitamins A, C, and E, Co-Q10 and green tea in an aloe base (pulp of plant). All skin types. 1.6oz (TX916)

Lip Plumping Treatment

A proprietary complex of stimulating ingredients draw beautiful, natural color. Immediately lips appear more plump and rosy, with lasting benefits of hydration and overall health. All skin types. .1oz (TX1020)

High Potency Body Lotion 12%

Formulated with 12% Lactic Acid to provide moisture and gently exfoliation to treat symptoms of severly dry skin or KP. Fruit acid blended with rich emolients leave skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. 6.9oz (LHP12)

Gly-Sal 5-2 Pads

Specially formulated to accelerate the removal of dead skin cells that can interfere with the proper oil drainage of the skin. 60 pads (TX711)

Benzaderm Gel 5%

Benzoyl Peroxide 5% gel is the perfect blemish spot treatment utilizing the antibacterial properties of BP to help clear existing blemishes and prevent future blemishes from forming. 2oz (TX411)

Benzaderm 10% Wash

Benzoyl Peroxide USP, 10% wash with Aloe Vera provides antibacterial activity against acne. This powerful treatment dries up pimples and blemishes while keeping the skin’s moisture and pH levels at the normal levels. For Acne prone skin. 6.7oz

Gentle Antioxidant Soothing Cleanser

Gently cleanses while providing hydration for the skin. This soap-free formula specially formulated with soothing antioxidants and botanicals to protect highly sensitive skin. 6.7oz